The last week or so have been a bit of an up and down time for me.. for various reasons that I do not really want to go into in any depth but Ive gone from being extremely happy to being desperately sad and then through friendships (old and new) that I have made,  back to being in a place that feels positive and even a little exciting!

Sometimes things do not turn out as you hope in life, that, as they say “is life” and sometimes it gives you a hard little nip on the bum.   How we choose to deal with this is all about attitude.  I have learned over the many up and downs in my life that nothing, no matter how bad, or how good it feels, will ever stay that way.  Things change, we change, life moves on.

What we are left with are memories that we can keep with us, take with us and learn from. These memories, good or bad do shape our future and hopefully we will remember them from time to time.

I know I will.