I posted a blog earlier this week and one of the comments I had back rang a note with me that I felt I should share.

Funny enough I have been described in the past as being “a tree” .. maybe it’s because of my twigs …

“Sometimes we can choose the path we take and so can accept the consequences easily. Sometimes a chain of events beyond our control forces us onto a path which we would not have normally walked and so facing those consequences is much harder and leaves a much bitter taste in the mouth.
Whichever path we walk and whatever the outcome we learn….. the more difficult the path the more significant the learning. This learning eventually takes us to a place we like to be and want to be…our comfort zone! That lovely, squidgy, warm, snuggly, happy, safe, secure nest that we all want to live in and stay in is strongly built of twigs and sticks, each of these twigs and sticks has a name – sadness, anger, failure, abuse, difficult, hurt, lonely, pain, ill, loss, grief and so on but because of these negative aspects of life we are able to recognise and access the staggering beauty, fun, colour, community and peace that is the wonderful world we all live on!”