I’m off work today .. I felt a bit unwell at work yesterday but had a bad night and I feel totally wiped out today.

My blood pressure is  high again, I took a reading last night and again this morning and it hasn’t really changed.  It’s not at the “drop down dead” stage by any means but it is higher than it should be.

I’m not keen to do to the doctors again, the last time I had a problem with my blood pressure they couldn’t decide whether it was because I had a wee virus that was putting it up, or that it was my blood pressure that was making me feel to tired and unwell.

I am having a “doing bugger all” day just slobbing around, dozing, keeping warm and refusing to let my mind think about anything.

I am hoping that by tomorrow I am feeling a bit like myself again, I want to go out to meet the gals in Edinburgh tomorrow night.

Thankfully it is only a week until I fly off with three friends for a lovely holiday in Lesbos .. I don’t think it can come round soon enough!

I really need to chill, kick back, laugh my demons away….. even the thought of that makes me feel a wee bit better!