It looks as if this weekend is going to be a wet one .. which is a bit of a bugger since I am (for the 2nd weekend running!) stuck at my cottage with Brae, who still has her stitches from her cruciate ligament repair.

I was planning to get out into the garden (and hopefully the weather will let me do this!) but it is not going to be a weekend for trying to brown my “peelly wally” skin in preparation of a week being a slob in Lesvos in a couple of weeks.

I love my wee cottage and the peace of mind that it brings me, I am happy to spend time on my own (well .. with my dug!) but when it is forced upon me as when I was snowed in for fortnight during the winter… or now because of Brae’s leg, I feel trapped, restless, not at peace.

I can keep myself busy even if I can’t get out in the garden.. I am going to start making paper logs for my fire (free fuel.. love it!), I am going to finish packing for my holiday, I can reorganise cupboards again, I can rock on my chair and drool .. you know .. lots of things!


Mostly I am going to concentrate on getting back to a peaceful state of mind .. I may also read, watch some films, play with my iPod ..

So … that’s my wet weekend … JEEZ Im getting boring!