As we raise a glass to 2013 many of us will feel a mixture of emotions as we leave 2012 behind.

2012 has been a year of great triumph and pride with the passing of the Olympics, a year of great tragedy with the deaths of so many soldiers, big things, national things.

Individually 2012 will have been a mix of highs and lows for many of us.  We have all faced our own triumphs, our own tragedies and our own battles, but we are here, we are alive and breathing and as 2013 dawns the psychological “new start” allows us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and start over again.

I have mentioned in previous blogs how 2012 was probably the toughest year I have, at times, struggled to get through, but I have once again found a place in myself where I am content and settled.   I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned, my friends and family who have understood and supported me and made me realise that I really do not have to take on the world all by myself.   

I have met some lovely people over the past year, rekindled old friendships and found myself again.

So, as 2013 beckons, I will raise a glass to 2012, it hasn’t been perfect, but perfection is boring … and I certainly can’t say it was that!

I will take the lessons, hopefully remember and learn from them and greet 2013 quietly with a wee smile on my face.  

I wish you all a peaceful heart and mind this New Year … it really is the greatest gift you can give yourself.