We all expect things from people, we want them to make us happy, to make us feel loved, to make us feel special.   We are often let down because what we expect is not what we get.

Moving on and finding happiness and peace is something we should not ask from someone else, it is far too much of a responsibility to pass on and leaves the other person feeling under pressure when they know they are not living up to expectations.

Expectations from other people, and from ourselves do not give up peace or happiness … they just give us stress.

I have deliberately taken a step back over the past few months, stopped trying to expect things from others and from myself and it has made me have a very different outlook on things.

I know a very good friend of mine is going through a tough time at the moment, fighting her own demons and trying to find her peace, which slowly is coming back to her.    She is not pushing them away, not chasing them away.. but simply letting them surround her and fade away in their own time.   

I know she still feels the desperate hollow feeling at times, I know that sometimes her days seem tough but I also know what a beautiful, honest, warm person she is.   

When I was a hockey player I learned a very important lesson … sometimes the way to win is not always to pass forward .. but to pass back and wait until the right opportunity comes.

i think that is a lesson we should all apply to our lives.