I was watching Mrs Brown’s boys tonight … and at the end the words “life is all about relationships” were uttered from Mrs B’s charming mouth.

It got me thinking ….

Life IS all about relationships .. we start our lives bonding and forming relationships with our parents, our siblings, our family, until we reach the age where we begin to make choices in our relationships, who our friends are, who our best friends are … who our crushes are ..

Each relationship we have is not always the right or best relationship, but it is a relationship that serves it’s purpose at that time.   Sometimes these relationships (as friends or lovers) do last the tests of time … sometimes not.

Sometimes relationships break down because it is all to easy to forget that a relationship of any kind is based on team work – on two people, who have to take responsibility for their actions and the reactions that they might cause.

A successful relationship will only work if two people are realistic enough to understand that nothing is ever perfect, you will disagree, you will argue, you will cry, you will get angry.   You will also agree, smile, laugh, love and will find a peace in you that is too special to lose.