I am NOT a great believe in star signs at all … BUT … I had an email today from one of my friends (also a Capricorn.. but NOTHING like me at all!) … she found this .. and decided it was me to a tee! … unfortunately I have to agree with her …. it did make me laugh .. and for my friends who know me well .. I think you will “mostly” agree too!!   

The Capricorn partner

Relationships aren’t easy for Capricorn. You might expect this, since control is always important to the Goat, and letting down the solid protection of that suit of armour takes a lot of effort. Capricorns wear that suit of armour for so long that it gets rusty at the hinges, and you hear some pretty loud groans and protests as it comes off. And no matter how much they love, there’s always a last secret place inside which Capricorns won’t relinquish. They’re often loners, climbing their own private mountains. And sometimes they won’t allow themselves to accept either help or sympathy when the going is rough. Thanks very much, they’ll manage on their own.

They will often work hard to help friends and loved ones in need, and they know how to give, especially when it comes to the things of the world. But sometimes they don’t know how to receive very well. Capricorn pride is ferocious, and no Goat can bear a situation of weakness and dependency. That means not being in control.

Capricorns are secret romantics, but they won’t allow their romanticism to dictate their decisions. They will often sacrifice the great romantic love for the safe, suitable partner who is a social asset as well. They may throw everything away for an ideal, or for family, or in the name of service; but love? Not likely. Capricorn wants a stable life, and takes vows and promises seriously. Better not to promise than to marry in haste, repent at leisure, and have hefty maintenance payments afterward.

Some Capricorns take a long time to make a real commitment. If you’re in a hurry, pick another sign. Yet this isn’t a bad way to be. Capricorns place more value on deep respect, duty, loyalty and the power of the family bond than on a few months of wild passion. Not that they turn their backs on passion. This is an earth sign, and the sexual drive is often strong. But many Capricorns keep this side of themselves out of their serious relationships, because they often don’t trust their passions.

Unless you’re the childlike type looking for a parent- surrogate, be prepared for a challenge. A Capricorn will always try to take charge in a relationship. She isn’t interested in submission, dependency or abdication of power. If you hurt her pride or take away her self-respect, she won’t forgive or forget. Because of that earthy, controlled nature, she may also find it hard to express love and affection spontaneously. Sexual attraction, yes; but love can make her vulnerable. The Capricorn partner may love you deeply, but you may never hear it said. Yet she’s deeply drawn to those who can loosen her up a bit.

The same thing that makes many Capricorns secret spiritual seekers also makes them seekers after people who are able to open up the romantic and imaginative side of life for them. This old-young woman needs a partner who can help her free her inner child. The trouble is that, when Capricorns find this kind of partner, they often take the role of a stern parent with a child, repressing rather than encouraging spontaneity. Yet if Capricorns can let that stern, stiff streak be thawed by the gifts of love and trust, they truly have the world at their feet. Then there is no more loyal and devoted partner, nor one more worthy of lifelong respect.

The Capricorn woman

It may be hard to imagine a woman who embodies the father- principle. But Capricorn women do. This doesn’t make them “masculine”. Quite the reverse: they often have a subtle, magnetic, quietly self-possessed quality which is powerfully attractive. Masculine? Not in the sense people usually use the word. But look again. The Capricorn woman is shrewd and perceptive. She’d rather use diplomacy than argue aggressively; she is usually calm, cool, and self-contained but does not have patience to deal with dishonesty and certainly does not suffer fools gladly!

Although upfront and straight talking, she is also smart enough to know that you don’t confront power directly, and therefore, if she wants something from you, you usually end up thinking that you came up with the idea yourself. She can twist you around with such finesse that you’re convinced she’s fragile and helpless, and your self-importance swells visibly. Ah, poor you. No Capricorn is fragile or helpless. All Capricorn women are born with stainless steel spines.

This doesn’t mean Capricorn women use people. Some do; their realism (and sometimes outright calculating cynicism) makes them choose partners who can provide material security and status or help them with a creative career. But many are devoted partners who offer their powerful will, determination and worldly wisdom to help you in your career. Playing the power behind the throne suits the Capricorn woman quite well. That is, as long as you respect her for it, and don’t take her love and devotion for granted.

Capricorns need to manage something. If no career attracts her enough to earn her commitment, her partner can become her career. Then she’ll organise your life and direct your energy, sometimes to your gain but often to your detriment if the goals you’re pursuing are really secretly hers. She really needs a place in her life where she can apply her gifts outside her personal relationships. Let her get on with it, and give her all your support. Capricorn needs to feel accomplished in something. Beware of the Capricorn woman who doesn’t recognise that she even has the drive. Unconsciously, she’ll begin to make you her accomplishment. That’s not usually a recipe for happiness.

Time and experience are great healers for Capricorn. The Capricorn woman is at her best as she gets older, blossoming into the warmest, richest side of the sign later in life. When she has learned to stand confidently on her own feet in life, she is free to release the gentler, more sensitive and caring side of her nature. The Capricorn woman who has passed the test of her own survival, and knows that she can function in the world through her own efforts, has learned wisdom and compassion along the way. If you’re looking for a flamboyant showgirl, this isn’t the sign to choose. If you’re looking for intelligence, grit, tenacity, insight, loyalty and a delightfully ironic sense of humour, look no further; you’ve found your match.

Out of the twelve Zodiac signs, Capricorn is most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces, and is least compatible with Gemini, Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.