I like things simple.    I really do not cope well with “grey areas” in any part of my life so tend to be very “black and white” about things.    I like it that way, I find it less confusing.

I am the same with my friendships.  People know where they stand with me.. if I like someone they know it.  If I do not like someone, they also know it.

Being so black and white does have it’s disadvantages and does mean that sometimes I am a little impatient when I am in the grey area… it is something I know about me and just accept.

I like things straight forward .. I cannot stand lies or people who will tell me what they think I like or want to hear .. I want to hear the truth, whether it hurts me or whether I agree with it .. as long as it is the truth I can and do handle it.    My best friends know this … and even though all of them at sometime have been through a bloody good argument with me, we are still friends, disagreeing does not ruin a friendship, it enhances it, makes us understand and respect each other more.

What I sometimes forget is that not everyone thinks like me .. some people do like to believe only what they want to hear.

I am no sycophant, I am no hypocrite … I am who I am .. not everyone can handle that, not every friendship will survive that.