At last!!   My holiday is here … and to say I am excited is an understatement.   I have not looked forward to a holiday like this in a long time.

I had a couple of holidays last year one to Cyprus and one to Spain that were great but difficult for different reasons.

Looking back Cyprus was when I started to really feel the pressure of work .. I went away stressed out and I just worried the whole time I was away .. I slept badly .. preferring to watch the electrical storms in the wee small hours.   It was how I felt at the time.

Spain .. well Spain was great … I was with 3 friends and I felt myself relaxing .. I became me again .. and it was then I realised just how much stress I had been under and how depressed I was.   It was a difficult realisation .. it had been tough on the business front for a long time .. and I am one of those people who do care and do worry, probably too much at times.    Spain made me realise that I wasn’t coping, I was someone I didn’t want to be and it helped me so much at the time.    

This holiday I am going with no stress, no worries.  Things are not perfect but I have realised that worrying about things that I have no control over only makes me ill .. and I am not prepared to put myself through that again.

This holiday I am spending it with a good matie, Alex, from Edinburgh and meeting 2 girls I met in Spain last year .. both lovely, wonderful women, with a great sense of humour… they are as excited about this holiday as I (and Alex!) are … and i think it will be a good turning point for me…. I just have a feeling that my life is about to take a step in a different direction .. it is a feeliing that has crept back up on me and I like it.

You have a week of peace from me *smile*   I will be back posting pictures and telling stories of my trip next week.