I have a wonderful ability to attract drama into my life.   I really do not know how I manage to do it .. but I seem to have a great knack for it… thankfully I am at that place in my life where I can tutt and laugh …

This morning was no exception … being the classy chick that I am, I flung a cigarette end out of my car window (yes .. I know .. bad!) .. anyway … I drove on (with Renata in the car) … then we could smell burning … it was ME!! … the end of the cigarette had come back in and gone down the back of my shirt!

I quickly pulled over, leaped out of the car and hoisted my shirt up (poor passing motorists .. my belly and bra are both of a large noticeable size!) .. poor Renata had to stick her hand up the back of my shirt and try to find the cigarette end …

Thankfully (apart from the embarrassment) no harm done!  (Although Renata is in shock!).

I also had a hospital appointment today … when I was in Romania and after I came back, I have had bad swelling below my knees, I ended up giving in and going to the doctor last night and ended up with 2 injections in my stomach and strict instructions to dial 999 immediately if I had chest pains or started coughing up blood!!!

Thankfully the hospital appointment today has ruled out a DVT … but now I am being treated for Cellulitis .. antibiotics and water tablets … boy this weekend is going to be fun *sigh*

I am also living in a midden right now … I had the walls and ceiling of my living room plastered last week and it is due to be decorated next week …  but until then I have bits of furniture and “stuff” all over my bedroom, kitchen and back hall!! … it is more like an assault course than anything else!

I certainly do not like to do things by half …   I think I have had enough bliddy drama for a while .. can someone else take it over please!!!   *smile*