A beautiful poem by a fellow blogger .. Noora … check her site out at myechoesandreflections.com

Perpetual Fire

Finally in my arms
far away in a dreamland
yet in my deepest reality

my promised land
waiting to be explored
much more beautiful
than any of those dreamy dawns
my yearning heart painted
with poetic words
and shades of purple
when we still dreamed of the sunrise
on separate sides of the ocean
that does not divide
but unites
our islands
in love

On this night of wonders
I lay my lips on yours
just to capture your smile
so that I can carry it with me
to wherever this journey takes us

A peaceful rest drifts over me
and I surrender
under the covers of something
unconditional, eternal, and safe

I have nothing to wish for anymore –

there is poetry in the air tonight.

© Noora (2011)

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