I noticed an event today on a women only camping group … a meet up down in North Yorkshire in June … and I have decided it would be a fab way of getting to know like minded women … and so, I have booked!

Really looking forward to it.. although I will be taking a trip somewhere in May before then … I might have a scout around and find out if there are any more meets!

I remember the camping holidays with the girls from AOL, loads of us sitting around a campfire, drunk as skunks and eating whatever we could fling on a bbq … then collecting of everyone’s eggs in the morning to make about 30 hard boiled eggs (we couldn’t work out how to do soft one’s) … and marshmallows melted on the fire … that ended up burning our mouths!

There was even a surprise birthday party flung for me (6 months early) and loads of pictures of me hung up all over the campsite in secret! … Great times, great friends, great laughs!

And a very embarrassing moment when I was so drunk I was trying to open my tent with my car key fob …

Alice in Wanderland (my alternative name for Alice) has opened all of this up again for me!  … this time with new friends to be made, and new stories to hear!   Plus I can use all my old jokes and stories because this bunch of women wouldn’t have heard them!

Some old memories of AOL Camping!