I have had a bit of a miserable time of it lately, and life sometimes just seemed a very dark place.

Sometimes I feel that life is overwhelming and there is no end to the waves that crash over me.

Then as I begin to surface and catch my breath, and I see what is happening all around me.   Some very great acts of kindness … flowers and card from a woman who wanted to thank me for taking the funeral of her dad, but also because she knew I was having a tough time.

A beautiful owl lamp from a bunch of ex army women from the Wirral as a thank you for me organising our annual reunion in Fort William.

A stunning hand made cushion cover from a friend who just wanted to make me smile.

Friends who have visited, or simply listened to me as I poured my heart out trying to make sense of so many things.

But for all the kindness that people have shown me… there is one great gift I have been given that was totally unexpected.

It was the gift of friendship from my new friend Deb.    We didn’t really know each other, even though we were friends on Facebook.   A year or so back she asked on Facebook if anyone had a track by George Michael … and I did … I copied it onto a CD and sent it to her… and really thought no more about it.

Since my recent break up, Deb has been there every step of the way.   We both were going through much the same experience and suffering the same hurt… and perhaps it was that that bonded us… but she has put up with my dodgy sense of humour, my moaning, my frustration and my tears … and although we have never met I do know that I class her as a close friend.  For some reason, she was the one I could really speak to … and it was perhaps because of that, that she would tell me things straight! no punches held back … Even if she still cannot convince me that her chicken wasn’t burnt!

Thank you to you all … but a very big special thank to Deb … a new friend and shoulder and I hope that one day I can repay your friendship.