At some point or another all of us will suffer heartache.  Whether it be from the death of someone close, a pet or the end of a relationship.

Grieving is a necessary part of the process.  We need to take time to remember, regret and celebrate many things that we have lost.

There is no denying that these times are hard.   The pain is all consuming and your mind never finds peace.

Grieving over a loss is not a bad thing, and there is no time limit on how long this will last… but we have to remember not to wallow in it.

It does mean we have to refocus our life, the “We” changes to “I” and future plans have to be tweaked.

It is during our hardest times that we find ourselves looking inside … finding out what our dreams really are and what we really want from life.

Sometimes we jump into relationships too soon (In my younger days I was very guilty of that!) … never taking time to work what I really wanted.   Then I had my first real heartbreak … and boy, did that make me stop and think!

I learned to take time, not to jump, to stop using people to cover my pain.  I learned to take time, let my peace return and to just let things happen…. and after each hurt, my life became better because I learned.

It is a big lesson this time again … but at last I am refocusing … I have other issues in my life that require my attention at little bit more than my healing heart at the moment and they shall now take priority.

As the good old “flower of Scotland” song says … “and in the past they must remain” … and so they shall.