I had good news yesterday, “the lump” has turned out to be nothing worse than a cyst.

My great pal Beck came with me to the hospital and sat and laughed with me during a very long wait … taking my mind of the reason I was there.

I came home and couldn’t believe how tired I felt.  I have not been sleeping well over the past couple of months for a variety of reasons and obviously was more worried about my lump that I thought I was.   I took myself to bed and slept like a baby!… today I feel great, the best I have felt in months.

All the heartache and worry has gone … maybe acceptance has set in, or maybe I am just looking forward to discovering new paths and destinations.   Whatever the reason, today I am glad to be alive and once again have a sparkle in my eyes and a smile on my face.

I have lots of plans, old friends to see, new friends to make and new destinations to arrive at!