I decided against going out today… my friend is away out to get more wine and shopping but I’m feeling a bit delicate… and decided to tidy Alice Alice and chill…. I also had to fix the dog gate (superglue is a marvellous thing!) as one of the legs came loose after a very bumpy drive yesterday.

I put together the new hoover (which took me ages because my brain wouldn’t work!) and took all the empties to the bins! But that will be the limit of my efforts for today!

The sun is just beginning to peak out and I think a wee bbq is on the cards tonight… not sure how much wine I will manage though… I’m definitely not cut out to be a party girl very often these day!

For now I’m chilling and trying to get rid of my hangover head!… and hoping that not too much wine is on the cards tonight as I have a long drive up to Jedburgh tomorrow!