It is the wee things that are important to me, the quiet times that need no words.

The times when the world sleeps and I lie awake just watching my lover sleep, gently reaching out to just touch her…. and feeling the comfort of that touch give me peace.

It’s feeling her spoon against my back, her arm flung casually over me.

It’s the laughter, the whispers, the frowns, the smiles, the planning, the sharing, the excitement and joy in an achievement.

It’s the comfort of her arms when life is tough, the feel of that touch that calms and soothes me.

It’s a smile in the morning when she opens her eyes and the smile on her face when as she falls asleep.

It’s the peace in my heart to love and be loved.

Yes, it’s the wee things… just the wee things that are so hard to find.