Oh my goodness, I have had a couple of really busy days … beyond busy really … and the next week is looking exactly the same … again I am having to work all weekend, but having a wee night out with some pals on Friday for a “Burns Night” … so that should be a good laugh!

My house is chaos at the moment, my bedroom and office are being decorated and I have to shuffle past moved stuff to get to my laptop and printers … getting into bed is much the same … but only 2 days before it is finished and I will be smiling again … it is looking very classy and fabulous so far!

My car goes into the garage tomorrow too… to get the bump on the side sorted out … which means I have 2 days of driving around in my mums wee banger … I hope it gets me to Perth and back ok … it will be the longest run it will have had in years!

It is 9.30pm … and I am exhausted … time for bed I think! … now to try to find it …