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I have had the most fabby day!    Great wee morning trailing around Dunfermline, just popping willy nilly to wherever I fancied … and my back didn’t cross my mind! … I ordered my new specs, bought myself a nice new thumb ring (I lost my last one) and bought  new pair of tracky bottoms (that I wore to the gym tonight).

I have to be honest and say I was a wee bit worried about being the “auld fat yin” but everyone was lovely!  I wasn’t the oldest … or the fattest!.

Had a good induction to the gym, and the lass who took me round, really understood all my worries about undoing the work my physio has done … she has recommended 3 pieces of equipment to begin with … and I have instructions to follow … `10 minutes on each piece until I find it easy (actually it wasn’t that difficult today!.. but I have been going to a couple of exercise classes and have my bike thingy at home that I try to get on every day) … when I am comfortable with 10 minutes I then move up to 15 minutes on each until I reach 20 minutes on each piece … then I have to look at distance and timings and improve on them! …

I really enjoyed it tonight … and followed it up with a swim in the lovely pool then a wee 20 minutes in the steam room… where I met a woman who knows me because she used to work for the chippy as a delivery driver! … she was staring at me and suddenly said “do you have a wee black dog” … when I said yes … she replied “it eats sausages” … we were laughing away at how small a world it is … then it turns out she was 2 years behind me in school and remembers me from my hockey days!   jeez … that was a while ago!

I finished my evening off with a coffee in the wee cafe there while Marion (might be Maureen) went through all the classes that go on there and recommended the one’s that would be ok for my knees and hip …

I want to go back tomorrow but not sure I can fit it in!  I will have to see what I can do!

I am so happy with how everything is going with my back.  My arthritis does niggle from time to time but the constant discomfort is gone … I was trying to work it all out … and I reckon it is around 14 years ago that my back started playing up … and just slowly got worse over the years as everything tightened up … I am still wary about it, perhaps more than I need to be, but I don’t want a set back … I am having a ball … Im not letting my bloody back hold ME back any longer!


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I have been so busy lately that it has been difficult to keep up with personal appointments … I am a bit weary, so I decided to take today off … sorted out docs appointment for blood pressure test (looking good, it’s really coming down!) … eye appointment to have my eyes retested … I really need new specs … I hate my varifocals that I got last time and tend to use my older prescription … and an appointment at the Dentist that I have been trying to get to since December.

My Dentist in is Kirkcaldy so I have to leave plenty of time to get there and afterwards in case I get a filling … I can’t be slobbering when taking a funeral! …. just had a text from my Dental surgery to say my dentist is off sick and I will have to rearrange … there is a wee blue cloud full of swear words above my head right now!

On the plus side, at least I can mooch around this afternoon until my gym induction later … and then have Tracy and Kat popping over … Kat is going to start taking Sprout out 3 times a week (since the Vet has told me she is fat! … Sprout .. not Kat!).


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