Auld knees and hip!

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Just back in from my second “Clubbercise” Class … and it wasn’t any easier this week!

I still get all confused with the steps and how the “young un’s” can bounce on the spot like that I have no idea!

I am easily the oldest in the class, but not the biggest, and it is great fun.  Not at all pretentious and there are a couple of other classes that I am looking at.   I can’t manage them all because of my hip and knees but I quite fancy “boogie bounce” on the small trampolines, that the trainer recommended … so I have booked myself in for that next week!… I may even give boxercise a go … but maybe in a month or two!

I have decided to exercise 3 times a week … I don’t really have time to do more than that but between Water Aerobics at Alloa and perhaps Dunfermline or Cowdenbeath and they gym studio in Inverkeithing, I should manage to fit 3 in …. I am going to make it a priority and work around the classes I want to do.

Shockingly, I have also invested in a pair of gym leggings … but there will be no pictures of that!

Negativity… be gone

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We all have times when we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders… and sometimes we just need to sit back and let time heal us.

However, there are those who continually live in a world of negativity through choice. You know the type, hate their jobs, unhappy with themselves and blame others for their unfulfilled lives.

I have had a few recent experiences of people like this and no matter what is said to them, they refuse to believe anything but their own negative thoughts.

To be frank, I don’t want my life to be dragged down by their attitudes and actions, I have to take care of me first. So I am.

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