I have been very lucky recently, two anonymous presents … of plants and a silver bracelet and then today a yogo mat!

I had a few hours spare earlier, so went for a quick swim before I have to take a funeral later.   When I was up at the Keavil, I was chatting to some of the ladies I know from Zumba and asked about Yoga and Pilates classes … and also asked if I needed my own mat.

As we were chatting away, one of the ladies (I don’t know her name!) asked where I lived in the village and I explained about my lane …

I have just had a knock at the door … and there was this lady with a yoga mat for me! … she was given two for her birthday (ironically both the same!) and thought she would just gift one to me!  …. how kind is that!

I’m actually quite touched … but I better get my ass in gear and book a class now!  The pressure is on!