I’ve just had the most fabby weekend with 27 of my friends!

I decided to fling a barbecue on what must be the nicest weekend of the year in Scotland (total fluke that I picked this one!).

Yesterday I was host to 27 friends and a dog called Kiara who was so like my Brae that even I was getting them confused.  The picture is of Kiara NOT Brae .. I am sure they are sisters .. they are the same age, have practically exactly the same temperament and when they met it was a quick sniff .. a wag of a tail and that was it .. they were perfectly comfortable in each others company!  It was very strange .. but very cute!

It was a perfect day with perfect company .. great food (Meg’s home made burgers were just superb!) and sooo much food and alcohol brought!

I have actually ended up with more food and alcohol than I started with, I tried to give some of it away to the guests who stayed overnight (6 of them!) 3 on my living floor and 3 in tents in the back garden! but was still left with loads.

This afternoon my friends Anne, Kate and Fiona popped over so we had another one .. this time with no alcohol (coffee and water!)… but another lovely day to finish off my weekend perfectly.

I really enjoyed watching people make new friends and as a social event goes, it was a great day … Maybe I will make it an annual thing .. but I doubt I could manage to get such perfect weather again!

As the evening wore on we ended up in the gazebo, log burner alight being smoked out .. I woke up this morning to a smell of smoke and panicked .. thinking my house was on fire .. then I realised the smell was coming from my hair!

All in all it has been a fantastic weekend .. some friends I missed and I know that they would have loved meeting my friends up here .. but a camping trip is arranged for September .. they will all get to meet then.

So, for all of you that came along… thank you .. you have made me smile!  (albeit with a sunburnt face!)