Friendship and love are like a garden, all three need care and attention if they are to bloom into something special.

It just takes a seed for something to grow, but often we are too impatient.  We expect the beauty and excitement of cut flowers in our lives, not realising that the instant beauty fades very quickly.  They are for show, there are no roots.

When something has grown from a seed, and you have nutured and watched over it, it  becomes special, yours, unique.

Sometimes the least pretty plant is the one you end up loving the most.

But, don’t get me wrong.. sometimes, just like plants,  friendship and love have a lot of shit to get through before they bloom, but the shit they emerge from ends up being the very thing that can make new things so much stronger.

My garden isn’t perfect, nor would I want it to be, but I love it all the same,  I guess I should remember that next time someone catches my eye!