Picture courtesy of Pam Wardlaw

… what really matters in life is who, or what you care for and who, or what makes you happy.

For me it is feeling at peace, having my lovely dog Brae and Bo, my monster of a cat in my wee cottage.  I love my solitude, I love having time on my own but I also enjoy the company of funny and interesting people.

Last night I spent my evening in the company of some wonderful women at the Fife Inbetweeners Christmas meet, which proved to be a night of laughter, friendship and bloody good fun!

I felt I got to know some people a little better and I think they now understand me a little better too … I often use my clown face for my own protection until I feel I can trust someone, I love to laugh, but there is a depth to me that is mine.  Occasionally part of this side slips out in my blogs … but you have no idea of the stuff I write that never makes it onto here *smile*

2012 has been a pretty tough year for me.  I have felt very lost at times, existing rather than living and unable to feel at peace or happy.  Thankfully now things are beginning to turn around for me and I am feeling more like me … I am no longer stuck in my head (if that makes sense!).

What 2013 will bring ..  I have no idea .. but I’m once again looking forward to the challenge of a new year both in my business and personal life.

My main aim for 2013 is to continue to feel at peace, to laugh, to have fun and make people  who are close to me know how much their friendship means.

When all is said and done we can leave nothing behind in the hearts of people except memories.