As my friends know I have taken time out this Christmas to have some peace and some time to think… I feel after the year I have had that the one thing that I treasure the most, and lost for most of the time was peace… and it was time for me to find it again.

I am a deep thinker … I have my clown face for the world, but for me there is another side that is mine .. few people get to know this side, even fewer to touch it.   This is the important part of me, the part that thinks too much, reasons (badly!) with myself and convinces myself that my head is right.

Sometimes enough is enough .. and I’ve had enough of me .. I end up making myself angry, frustrated and I think myself in and out of things.   I worry about everything, which is stupid and pointless and only I can stop this.

In 2013 I am going to try a huge change, I am going to live with what I feel, not what I think.. I don’t know how successful I will be .. but even a small step in the right direction is better than standing still.

If I begin to think too much you have permission to slap me .. except for Meg .. and Wendy .. I’ve seen them arm wrestle!  *smile*