Ahhh .. one of the great things in life is the mistakes we make.    I have made too many to count in mine, some of which are hard to admit, others I can look back on and laugh .. but in the end my mistakes have put me where I am now .. and I am ok with that.

I have actually found the process of admitting everything quite therapeutic .. it has helped me realise my doubts and my fears and why I am the way I am at times.   It has helped me put things into perspective and given me a sense of freedom within me that makes things seem exciting and new again.

I know that I will make many more mistakes in my life .. but I hope I am brave enough each time to admit them, it can’t always make things right .. but it can give you the knowledge to know that when faced with a similar situation to sit back and go with the feeling rather than the thoughts.  


I have also learned that it is what you feel that makes you happy, not what you, or others think.  

Look at our pets, they just act on what feels right to them and what makes them happy, they do not think about it .. they just feel it.  They are capable of unconditional love.

They can’t speak the words of love, they show us by their actions, their loyalty, their want to be with us, even when we are not being perfect.   We should learn from them.

Mistakes come from the head, not the heart.