I know I am no oil painting … but … my experience of online dating has me wondering if I am looking at a dating site or a police line up!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some lovely looking women on there .. but some, my goodness, I nearly jump out of my skin!  I want to scream “it was her .. I saw her do it!”  But I am pretending to be a lady, so I will refrain.

It also amuses me that I have had over 20 winks, most of them from Germany or France … now I know I don’t mind a long distance thing … but that is taking it a bit too far, in more ways than one!

I am chatting to one lovely lady, who like me, is initially just looking for friendship, so at least there is no pressure or expectation on either side … we are trying to arrange a wee time to meet up for a coffee .. but our diaries are pretty full at the moment … and she is also threatening to kidnap Sprout … think I will have to watch her!

If nothing else I will make a new friend to have a laugh with … and there are worse things that could happen … *checking through diary*