It was an early start today for my Physio appointment at 8am … I had to get Abdur to work on my Neck and Shoulders … I have somehow managed (in my sleep!) to trap a nerve and it is really bothering me, especially the pins and needles in my arm! … to say it was painful is an understatement … but it seems to be doing the trick!

I then had to rush home to get my hair cut … and get ready to go to “Golden Girls” in Alloa … 2 hours of swimming, water aerobics and sauna … it was great fun, and I am trying to work my diary around at least 2 sessions a week … as well as trying to fit in 2 evenings of exercise …. it is proving a little difficult as I am quite busy at the moment but I shall try!

The only downside is that I am now having to work late writing Eulogies tonight … one done .. and one to go … so I had better move my ass and on with it!