Im exhausted …  today I have had 3 family meeting and have driven over 300 miles…

I think an early night is calling me! … Tomorrow I need to have a bonfire, write all 3 tributes and reach level 4 on my bike training program … then next week I have 2 sessions at the pool booked for water aerobics, swimming and sauna plus 2 sessions at the fitness studio!

It is amazing the difference that the physio has made to my life … or maybe I should say a  good physio … I have had numerous appointments and visits to the NHS physio who done nothing apart from put me under a heat lamp.  I may be swearing with pain when Abdur starts working on my leg and back but it works!

My new hiking sticks arrived today too, and I will hopefully get to try them out very soon.  Wee Sprout could do with a few good hikes to get rid of her podgy belly!