Well it was an early rise for me today… my new sofa was delivered … they did say between 7am and 1pm … but I was expecting it to be later, rather than sooner.

I was wrong.

I was still in bed when I heard the lorry stop outside.  Luckily for me (but not for Vicky and James) they knocked on my neighbours door first, which gave me time find find my PJ’s and fling them on!

I had planned to get up and move my other sofa back against the radiator wall but they caught me out … so I just had them put it there … and I have spent the last half an hour jiggling the sofa’s (and the bloody heavy coffee table) to get it into the right place!

The great news about that is that I managed to do it myself, a few months ago I wouldn’t have managed with my back, but it is so much better.  Even my dodgy knees from yesterday are feeling ok! (I put it down to the crazy trampoline exercise!)

This is just the beginning of moving stuff this weekend, my bedroom and office are being decorated later in the week and I need my wardrobes and office cabinets all moved … my brother and his pal are coming to help tomorrow… and by next weekend my makeover of the cottage will be complete! I can’t wait.