I have been so busy lately that it has been difficult to keep up with personal appointments … I am a bit weary, so I decided to take today off … sorted out docs appointment for blood pressure test (looking good, it’s really coming down!) … eye appointment to have my eyes retested … I really need new specs … I hate my varifocals that I got last time and tend to use my older prescription … and an appointment at the Dentist that I have been trying to get to since December.

My Dentist in is Kirkcaldy so I have to leave plenty of time to get there and afterwards in case I get a filling … I can’t be slobbering when taking a funeral! …. just had a text from my Dental surgery to say my dentist is off sick and I will have to rearrange … there is a wee blue cloud full of swear words above my head right now!

On the plus side, at least I can mooch around this afternoon until my gym induction later … and then have Tracy and Kat popping over … Kat is going to start taking Sprout out 3 times a week (since the Vet has told me she is fat! … Sprout .. not Kat!).