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No matter what heartbreak someone gives you, if you loved them, you will never wish them pain.

I certainly don’t … people make choices for what they want not always for what they need.

Someone who bounces from one relationship to another, will never find out what they need… because they never take the time to get to know themselves and what it is the most that they need in their lives.

They just “become” very like the person they are dating, taking up their hobbies and interests and often their mannerisms too … not doing that deliberately but just because they are not yet strong enough to be who they really are.

For all my faults, and I have many, I know exactly who I am … some parts of me I am happy with, some not so much, but I accept them all because it is all these good and bad parts of me that makes me the person I am.

I don’t want a fraud in my life, I don’t want someone who doesn’t really want me for being me and just wants to change me.   That is not love, that is possession and control.