Today, I decided to test myself … I wanted to see how many lengths of the pool I could manage comfortably… the total was 20 …not a huge amount I know, but for me, even just a couple of months ago, this was have been impossible.

I have found that my “kick” when doing Breast Stroke is a bit weak, but not surprising due to the years of problems I have had with my back … but my back didn’t hurt me at all today and so I have decided to buy a float so I can practice my leg kicks easier … my arms are fine for Breast Stroke but I still find it painful doing front crawl, I am building my strength up at the moment so it may be easier in a few weeks.

I really cannot believe how different my life is now … my back still bothers me a little from time to time, but nowhere near how it was … and until now, I haven’t appreciated how much of an affect that it had on my life… and although it is costing my quite a bit of money to get it sorted, it will be worth it… it already is!

I am loving being able to get back into the gym … I used to love the gym when I was in the army … and I still do … on Monday I have an induction on weights … and although I am not ready for a full on session on all the equipment, I will concentrate on those that will build the muscles in my back and legs back up.

I am disappointed at how bad I am at swimming … and I do have to force myself to do it as I do find it a bit boring… but hopefully my earplug things will arrive soon and I can have music while I’m trawling up and down the pool!

It is funny when I look back, and I think of the truly awful year I had last year … but each and every thing has pointed towards now …  to the place where I have to put myself and my health first … and I am loving every minute of it … so much so I am actually considering getting up at 6am tomorrow to go for a swim before a couple of family visits … who would have ever have thought it!