Well… delighted with 4.5 pounds off tonight… that is me over the stone mark (still a bit to go yet), but it is an important milestone for me.

I have been eating healthy and working hard at the gym as well as swimming and today I had my first lesson with working on weights after getting the go ahead from my physio.

I have become a bit obsessed about my fitness now, my aim is to try to get off high blood pressure tablets (or at least have them reduced)… and to try to control my Type 2 Diabetes… again I want to cut my medication. I have already managed to cut my painkillers thanks wholly to Abdur my Physio…. and now, instead of planning my work around someone else’s schedule, I am planning it around me and exercise.

This whole experience has made me feel the best I have in years, my pain is less… some days I don’t even think about my back and I no longer feel as bad about myself at my lack of ability to do anything physical without pain.

I am also meeting some lovely people who are so encouraging to this auld fat bird… I have a long way to go, but I know this journey will not be a waste of my time!