I had a lovely walk along Aberdour beach today with my pal Beck … as we were heading back to the car, we met a couple with a wee dog and Sprout and their wee dog were desperate to say hello …

We started chatting and found out both dogs were just over 1 year old …. both born in November … just laughing I said “you didnt get her from a farm in Shotts did you” … turns out they did! … they actually live in Shotts and when they went to pick up their pup there were two left … a rough hair and a smooth hair … they took the rough hair … the same day, I picked up Sprout! … these two are sisters … the couple actually live in Shotts and were just through in Aberdour for the day … and I cannot believe the strange coincidence … Beck and I were stunned!

Both dogs, although they look different, are exactly the same temperament wise and both love a cuddle!

In the last week there have been 3 huge coincidences … one of my friends sitting next to an ex of mine at a concert … then finding out that Mo and I both dated another ex … and now this … the universe must be trying to tell me something …. I am just not sure what yet!