It is one of my “can’t sleep” nights, but it is lovely lying here just listening to the rain…. and wee Sprout snoring!

I am thinking about my decision to join… and although I was wee bit wary about it, perhaps it is the right way to go. At least it gives me the chance to get to know someone before we meet up.

I know, for me, attraction in real life is key… I call it the “ooh” factor… it’s that instant when you look at someone and you think ” yep, I like you”.

I am not sure if I will meet anyone “romantically” on there or not… I am certainly not going to rush into anything just for the sake of sex, been there, done that, got the shirt!

My life is good, I don’t need anyone to “complete” me… and I am tired of relationships that just end up going nowhere.

If I do meet someone, she will be a woman happy with her life, strong and independent, who, like me, wants a relationship that will last, otherwise it is just a waste of time and emotion… and I have wasted too much of both to want to do that again.

I guess I just want that feeling of peace, that I only get when I love and feel loved equally in return. The feeling of belonging and being home.

When and if that happens to me again, then I will treasure it, even if it does end up making a fool of me again.