There is good news .. and there is bad news … the good news is that Duffy gets home from the vets today.  He will have to be kept in a cage for around 4 weeks to allow his dislocated hip to heel.  Which has now flung all my plans into complete chaos.

I had planned to go away next weekend for an overnight stay in Perth with friends and to enjoy Perth Pride.   Obviously, Duffy being caged is a huge problem.  I know I have wonderful neighbours who would feed him, but he would be alone for so long, I would just worry about him.

There is also cost to take into consideration.  Although I was quoted between £800 and £900 … the bill is now standing at £1245.17!! … I am horrified, and will have to digger deeper into my savings to pay it.   It’s not that I can’t afford it, I can… but that money was earmarked for the legal battle around Alice Alice.

I definitely have my grumpy wee chicken face on today!