My lovely lady is coming to visit next week.

it will be lovely to spend some decent time with her, rather than a snatched weekend when she was up in Edinburgh for the festival… which included a quick visit over to my wee cottage and a trip to the Mutt Hutt with Sprouty (I know how to treat a lady!).

This morning we spoke on the phone and I asked “what do you like for breakfast” … she replied “a cooked breakfast” … “ok” said me “bacon, sausage, eggs?” …. “Oh no Darling” she replied … “scrambled egg and smoked salmon” …

After I stopped spluttering and laughing …. I realised just how different our worlds were .. (I did know this but not just how different the “wee things” are) … but I know that Linda fits comfortably into my world, and I know I have to learn to live in her world as comfortably as she lives in mine, but she is worth it … it will be different … but she will be by my side .. and that is all that matters.

My friends Barry and Neil (and a few others) met Linda at the weekend, and she just blew them all away … she is just such a genuine and lovely woman, with a smile that makes me weak at the knees.

Neil described her as “a beautiful elegant swan”.   Barry described me as “her craw” …

He has a point!