u turn

This year, life has not been kind to me.   There have been a variety  of reasons, and most of them either hurt me deeply, or annoyed me greatly!

Over the last couple of weeks, things have taken a very big U Turn.  Not only has Alice Alice been made roadworthy again and I once more have the freedom of the open road! (although I am still trying to get my money back on her via my solicitor), but even if that fails (my Solicitor is doing a credit check on the guy who sold her to me, before we decide on any further action), at least I have a Motorhome I can use!

But a friend convinced me to join Match … to be honest I didnt hold out much hope, but I was surprised when I met a lovely friend and then this weekend, met up with a woman from Eastbourne, who I chatted to and who came up to Edinburgh for the Festival.

To say we hit it off is an understatement.  I knew from our texts and phonecalls that we would get on and I was really excited about meeting her on Friday for a coffee … the coffee “date” lasted for hours and we arranged to meet yesterday.

We had a great day, she really makes me laugh, and puts me in my place!.. last night she very kindly treated me and her friend who she travelled up with, to a meal at The Dome in Edinburgh.   By coincidence two of my great friends were also in Edinburgh and met us at The Dome … and it was a night full of laughter!

She heads back down home today, but we have arranged that she will come back up next week for a few days and I am really looking forward to seeing her… we just get on so well, and at last I am smiling again …. this is my new beginning … and Im excited to see where it might lead.

Here is to my tomorrows yet to come!