If I made a list of all that I wanted from a woman and all that I didn’t … and then hope to meet them…  it would seem a very tall order…

But somehow, somewhere along the line … fate must have been smiling down at me …

I have had a pretty rocky 8 months … and was seriously just waiting for 2018 to be over without any more trouble in my life.

Then suddenly, my life was turned on it’s head.

From feeling really fed up about 2018, I think I may look back and thank it.  It taught me a lot…  about people, myself and the pitfalls of lies and alcohol … and then … the icing on the cake of good luck that has suddenly flung itself on me was meeting Linda … we met on Match … and chatted for a few weeks before she came up to Edinburgh for a long weekend at the Festival with her friend…. we arranged to meet on the Friday, and we hit it off immediately! … I was a bit stunned … but being stunned is something I have had a wee bit of experience this year … only this time I was stunned in a lovely way.

We met up again the next day … spent the whole day together, flung caution to the wind … and topped a wonderful day off with a meal at The Dome …. she had to go home the next day and I can’t believe I actually missed her after only just meeting her …. and surprisingly she felt the same way! … and so on Saturday she is arriving here for a week … complete with 2 dogs! … and I can’t wait!

I am very lucky … and I know it!