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A sad day

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Credit: The Coli  http://www.thecoli.com

Today is a sad day.  Today we said goodbye to a lady I didn’t know, but  who influenced my life through her music.

Aretha Franklin was the woman who made me fall in love with music, every song she sung lit up my heart just a wee bit more.

Today, I will play some of her songs… in her memory … in my sorrow for a woman who I didn’t know

You can read all about her life here

The life of Aretha Franklin

Good news!

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2018-03-20 19.20.38

Sprout giving Duffy a cuddle!

I had my wee boy Duffy back at Vetrica again today …. that is the second time they have seen him since the horrific bill from Inglis (Vetrica are my usual vets) … Bob is delighted with his progress and said he no longer has to be caged (yeahh!! no more litter tray stinking my bedroom out!) … and that I can now allow him to have a room to wander about in.

I brought him home, making sure the doors were closed to the living room (and then access to the kitchen and the outdoors!) … let him out and Sprout took a running leap at the living room door… Duffy scampered away after her (with a dodgy limp just like me!) … and legged it outside … he is now hiding in bushes and won’t come in.

Stupid cat!… but I am glad he is on the mend … he is my “wee man”… now to try to get him back in … this will be fun!

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