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It wasn’t the best news about Duffy (my black cat) from my own vets today (Vetrica) … Bob is not sure the hip is back in place properly … but because he has other injuries (possible fractured knee!) that I didn’t know about from the bloody vets that charged me £1197… it is difficult for Bob to tell … it may mean an operation that will cost me another £500 … I know it is half the price I would have paid at Inglis.

I am pretty annoyed to be honest … but little I can do …  Bob has decided to leave it a week to see if there is any improvement in his leg … Duffy is confined to a cage and on strong painkillers just now … and we can leave it until then to make a decision.

If, whoever has the voodoo doll, doesn’t mind … can you please leave me alone for the rest of the year … thanks.