Well …. Paul from The Village Cars in Saline has been true to his word.   Paul rented the Workshop at the garage but has decided to take over the forecourt that was rented to Sandy Dick.

Paul has done all the welding work and sorted out the rotten floor for nothing for me.  Simply because he does not want to have the bad reputation of Sandy Dick hanging over his head.   He also put her through a new MOT … but even after all the welding work, she failed.   Mostly on minor things, such as windscreen wipers and high beam headlight … but also, more worryingly on the back brakes … when I first got her, I did phone about the brakes as I felt they were a bit slow to react, but was told that she had just been put through an MOT so they must be ok!   Again proving the false MOT certificate I had!

Paul is fixing these problems out and putting her back through an MOT today for me … so at least I know she is roadworthy and safe to drive …. which means I can once more enjoy the freedom of the road!

However, I am not giving up my fight against Sandy Dick to get my money back.  My solicitor has all the information (and knows about the other chap who has exactly the same problem with his Motorhome)… but the first thing my Solicitor is going to do is run a credit check on Sandy Dick … as he told me, that we could go to court and win the case, but whether we would get any money is a different matter… and I could end up paying out thousands of pounds on legal fees to get nothing back at all…. so … It is in his hands now… I will just have to wait and see.

I do want my money back … I paid a lot of money for Alice Alice … and to find out she wasnt worth half of what I paid is a huge blow … but it may be one I have to swallow in the end …  and may require me to “rethink” what I then do … but I will wait to make any decisions on that until my Solicitor advises me whether it is worth chasing Sandy Dick through the courts of not.

Here is hoping I can!