actions(fb the idealist)

I am a great believer in Actions speak louder than Words.   I have been fooled too many times now by people who lie through their back teeth because they are unable to face up to who they are.

I decided I need to reteach myself this lesson.  I had spoken about getting help for my back, which I am doing … I spoke about getting fit and losing weight, which I am also also doing.

However, my non smoking has hit a stumbling block.   I have come to realise that not only am I a stress eater but I am also a stress smoker.

As my mood turns back to a more positive and less self damning frame, I am slowly gaining control of my confidence and my emotions.

Not only am I visiting a physio regularly (from twice a week to once every three weeks now!) … but I have joined a Gym, survived my first Clubbercise Class (and 2 more booked in this week), but I have also joined Weight Watchers.   I did very well at Slimming World but the locations and times didn’t really fit with me, Weight Watchers is very close to me and on a Monday night, which is normally my quietest night regarding work.

I have also cut back on work, 3 to 5 (max) funerals a week, which gives me around a 35 to 40 hour week and more free time.

The fact that I am also single means that I don’t have to try to fit my work around anyone else, no more 6am rises to write (unless I feel like it!) … and I can spread my work out over a full week, without having to consider anyone else.

I have also been taking advice from an endurance walker.   She too suffered from almost the same back problems as I did (arthritis in the hip and the tightening of muscles in back and leg) … and she has given me some great tips … I used to love Hill Walking but it just got too painful (and me too grumpy!) for me to do it … perhaps there is a little hope I can get back to it!

Actions will always speak louder than words, Actions cannot lie.   Guess I had better get on and see!