So … the letter box pops and there on the mat

Apart from the hairs of my dug and cat

Lay a wee envelope … my gawd it’s a caird!

Should I be hopeful or should I be scared.


I opened it up a wee bit at time

Wondering if it read “darling be mine”

But all it said was “will you shut up”

You have me, your pal and your cute wee pup


And you know what… that is just right

There is no sorrow in my single plight

I don’t need a liar, a scew up or even a cheat

Or some moon howler to make me complete


I am who I am, and I am ok

And I will be celebrating Valentines Day

Not with a woman, but with my Sprout

The time wasters in my life I can do without


So here is to us all, who find we are alone

There is peace in our solitude and in our home

Don’t settle for less than you truly deserve

At least there’s no idiot to get on our nerve!