Those of you that know me, know that I am a keen recycler .. and I’m also a Fifer, reknowned for our short arms and long pockets!

I love Freegle .. I give stuff away, I’ve picked up some lovely plants for my garden and have watched in wonderment as people have given away amazing stuff .. including a 17 ft boat!

My wee cottage is still in need of a little TLC, and because I am thinking of having either a real fire or log burner installed I thought I would do something about the broken tiles on my fire hearth.

I asked on Freegle today if anyone had double edged rounded tiles from an old fireplace they wanted to get rid off.  Within 2 minutes of posting my message I had an email back from a lovely chap saying he was renovating his house and I was welcome to any of the old tiles that I wanted.

I emailed him back with my number and he rang to discuss directions.  We arranged for me to pop over this evening after work to pick them up.

Off I trotted (all dressed up with open toe sandals on because we had a photo taken for a local newspaper today) to his house this evening, driving through a thunderstorm and floods to get there.

He met me at the door, all smiley and nice and welcomed me in .. the house was in a bit of a state, but when you are renovating and pulling fireplaces out it is bound to be.. right … WRONG!!

The fireplace was still in one piece and he handed me a hammer and wall scraper (not even a proper thing to remove tiles with!) and stood there yapping to me about how his wife had run off with a 21 year old so he had decided to pull the house to bits to get the valuation lowered! … it then dawned on me that he wasn’t really renovating he was just wrecking the place.

The leather sofa’s had also been spray painted … the electricity wires hanging out the wall and the doors hanging off the wall…

There is me .. sandals, work clothes, chipping away at tiles trying to make small talk and all the time just wanting to get out of that place.  In the end I managed to smash about 4 tiles and announced (probably much too cheerfully) ..” oh these are great .. this will do me”.

I left got in my car and had to laugh at my situation .. it never dawned on me to ask if the tiles were still stuck to the fireplace ..

I learned a lesson ..   even if it did freak me out a bit!

Oh … and the broken bits of tiles … they are in the bin!