It is not often I take an interest in politics .. apart from to “tut” now and again at some of the weird and wonderful things that come out of both the Scottish and UK Government’s bowels.

However, sometimes I do take a strong opinion on things .. and today is one of them.

For those of you who do not know him, Brian Souter (owner of Stagecoach) claims to be a religious man, but again, one of those bigots who hides behind religion in order to justify his hatred.

He donated a million pounds to the campaign to keep clause 28 .. You can read about him on Wikipedia here

Mr Souter has been awarded a knighthood and there is a campaign to have this revoked.

It is free to sign and you can sign it here

Is it right that such a bigot can be rewarded just because he has money and gives money to the SNP?

There is something very wrong with our country if this is the case.

He is simply an evil man who uses religion to justify his bigoted views.  Its about time decent people stood up to people like him.