Is the break ups… especially the one’s you don’t see coming.  In an instant the person who, over the years, was a major part of your life is gone.

You lose so much more than a lover.  You lose your best friend, your confidant, your partner, the one person who always made you feel calm inside.  The person you trusted more than anyone else in the world, simply because of how they make you feel. The person you wanted more than anything in the world.

Suddenly, She is gone.

You are replaced.

She is not.

She is gone.

To pastures new.

You are no longer part of her life.

No longer someone she wants to spend time with.

No longer the person that makes her smile.

No longer the person whose touch makes her heart beat faster

No longer the person she turns to in times of trouble.

No longer the one she wants to hold.

No longer the person to share in her world.

She is gone.