The struggle between your mind and your heart is always difficult to deal with.

When hurt and anger go, you are left knowing what you think, and what you feel.

The battle is real … and it is a conflict that does not give you peace.

Acceptance of all you think and feel is the first step in fighting back.

When you can accept the anger, the hurt and the blow to your pride, even if you don’t like it … what you are left with is what you feel in your heart.

No matter how you have been treated, no matter all the harsh words and tears, what you are left with is how you feel, and sometimes this surprises you.

I do believe that people love in different ways.  I am not talking about the love of family and pets, but love for a partner.

For some love is shallow and temporary, for others deep and permanent.  I also believe that there are people who are born to be loved … and others who are born to love.

Everyone we meet, everyone we love, leaves a mark on us.  Sometimes for the good, sometimes not, but they leave a mark anyway.

I also believe that love is about timing… you do have to meet someone who is in the same “place” as you… someone who has done all they wanted to do in life and is happy with their life and themselves.  If not the balance is all wrong and a relationship like this will not stand the test of time.

Love is all about understanding, compromise and acceptance.   Acceptance that two people should never become one, but two people who want to stay together through the tough times, as well as the fun times.

It is accepting that our partners have different interests and needs and allowing them to be themselves, while still trusting and respecting them enough to know that no matter what, all they want is to share part of their world with you always.

Love should not be about changing someone, but accepting them and their faults and still loving them anyway.

I am not interested in a relationship where there is conflict, I just want peace.  Peace of mind and peace of heart, with someone who I can trust completely and who wants me in their life always.